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Trust Action Plan Aims

The Trust action plan aims are:

  • To act on behalf of every learner in the MAT to ensure their progress.
  • For each school to have the capacity to be self-managing and achieving excellence within the Trust.
  • Provide challenge and support for improvement through action planning and regular review to measure progress.
  • Act at an early stage should a school be at risk of failing. Therefore no school within the Trust would be expected to fail in an Ofsted inspection.
  • Source the best professional advice available to lead school improvement across the MAT.
  • Engage the services of an external school improvement partner (Challenge Partner), with current experience as an Ofsted inspector, to evaluate performance in each school regularly.
  • Use Wimborne Teaching School to increase school improvement capacity within the MAT and develop existing and emerging leaders.
  • Contribute, as a Teaching School Alliance, to the capacity of the Teaching School.
  • Plan strategically to raise performance across the Trust based on MAT-wide improvement priorities.
  • Identify where and how resources will be deployed, where individual schools are causing concern.

Our schools will work together to achieve:

  • Outstanding teaching
  • High standards of achievement
  • A vibrant learning culture, based on innovation and creativity
  • The spiritual, moral, social, cultural and emotional development of every pupil
  • School improvement beyond our trust